My refresh method is … Sauna !

I go to Sauna at a Sentou in two days per week.


Sentou is a public bath in Japan. In Tokyo, Sentou is over 700 spots available. This total number is nearly equal total of Junior high school in Tokyo. Sentou entrance fee is ¥460.

Almost Sentou establish together with Sauna. If you want to use Sauna, you pay additional charges ¥200 or more (It depends on the place).

What’s the purpose of I go to Sauna ? Because, maintenance to my body and mental. Consequently, I don’t get a cold at this winter 🙂 and get good feeling.

Do you believe it ? So … a study reports that repeated Sauna (thermal therapy) may be useful for mildly depressed patients with appetite loss and subjective complaints (Ref: Repeated Thermal Therapy Diminishes Appetite Loss and Subjective Complaints in Mildly Depressed Patients). And another study reports that sauna treatment can increase sympathetic activity (Ref: The effect of six-weeks of sauna on treatment autonomic nervous system, peak nasal inspiratory flow and lung functions of allergic rhinitis Thai patients).

If you come to Tokyo, I recommend to you go to Sentou and Sauna ! Then, you get Japanese relaxation experiences , and that get at a low price 🙂