My first programming experience

20 years ago , I met programming at junior high school class. It is not too much to say that the encounter is I made a software engineer.

This class was used N88-BASIC that is running on NEC PC-9800 series PC. PC-9800 series is Japanese domestic PC brand which is a little compatible of PC/AT, and N88-BASIC is BASIC interpreter for PC-9800 series which is compatible of Microsoft BASIC.

We transcribing a program code from text, and execute. I was finished earlier, then challenge to alter program code. It’s so funny for me ! BASIC is easy to learn because which is simple programming specification. So … I recall … “Scratch” ! Scratch is easy to use that is similar to BASIC. Though although BASIC user interface is so primitive than Scratch :-p Nevertheless BASIC is enough to me at that time.

Then, I entered high school, my father bought PC to me. I developed free software for Windows by Visual Basic and Visual C++, and that is selected to software news site and computer magazine.

Today, I made used of that experience.