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Yet another programming school in Japan

Do you know ‘EdTech’ ? Meaning of EdTech is computer technology education. In Japan, computer software programming education events are held one after another.

Let me introduce TENTO. TENTO is private programming school for elementary and junior high school students which established in Tokyo in 2011. I’m a volunteer teacher at the school.


TENTO differs from other programming school in Japan. It has following three unique features.

Firstly, individualized teaching, NOT uniformed teaching. Because each student wants to create software program that is different. Then each volunteer teacher teaches one by one using different programming language, style and technology. We call this ‘Terakoya‘(寺子屋) style !!

Secondly, continuous education. Many programming school and events are still one off style in Japan. One off style is able to tell kids to enjoy programming. However, TENTO believes that continuous education brings up students of programming skill.


Thirdly, TENTO really value presentations. Software program is valuable to use, not to just create it. Therefore, we held two events in twice of year. One, hack-a-thon. Two, presentation on software. Students learn modelling, programming and presentation skill through creating the software in the events. And, students have shown the benefits of study at the school 🙂


Apart from TENTO, there are not many teachers who teach computer technology in Japan. Then, some passionate teachers and computer education scientists are groping for much better programming education methodology in Japan.

I don’t know what is better programming education to whom. Nonetheless, I wanna do programming education to students. I think it is better to start studying programming from young age. They have unfettered thought. And programming skill makes our business and life much better !!!

Hello, World !

Hi! I’m Yuichiro Saito. Call me ‘koemu’.


I already have a blog, but it written by Japanese. Then, start this English blog.

Let me introduce myself.

I was born in 1981 at Osaka. Osaka is second largest city of Japan. At the graduate school, studied for Computer Science and Computer Engineer Education. Now, I’m occupied in Software Engineer at Management Service Provider (MSP). MSP is management service to servers for public web service. At MSP, I’m developing automation system for server management. That activity action is currently called ‘DevOps’.

I like Ski and Bicycle. I have been to Ski every week before we got married. Now, I go to Ski every month in winter. Following photo was taken by my graduate school teacher at Shiga Kogen.


I’ll do my best for blogging from now on 🙂