Hello, World !


Hi! I’m Yuichiro Saito. Call me ‘koemu’.


I already have a blog, but it written by Japanese. Then, start this English blog.

Let me introduce myself.

I was born in 1981 at Osaka. Osaka is second largest city of Japan. At the graduate school, studied for Computer Science and Computer Engineer Education. Now, I’m occupied in Software Engineer at Management Service Provider (MSP). MSP is management service to servers for public web service. At MSP, I’m developing automation system for server management. That activity action is currently called ‘DevOps’.

I like Ski and Bicycle. I have been to Ski every week before we got married. Now, I go to Ski every month in winter. Following photo was taken by my graduate school teacher at Shiga Kogen.


I’ll do my best for blogging from now on 🙂